Concrete Repairing Services in Abu Dhabi

Concrete repairing services in Abu Dhabi

Best Concrete repairing Service in Abu Dhabi

Concrete structures can be damaged due to several reasons. Concrete damages can be due to wear and tear, water damage, corrosion, and erosion. Additionally, the climate of the UAE plays a significant role in weathering the concrete structures of commercial and residential buildings. Because of the extreme temperatures and humidity, the concrete may crack open, damaging the building. The summer and winter seasons and humidity can cause the concrete to expand and contract, resulting in cracks, holes, and other damage. Besides, the saltwater in the air can cause corrosion and erosion of the concrete, leading to further damage. By filling the concrete, buildings can be strengthened and protected against further damage, helping to extend the structure’s life.

Unitek has 10 years of experience in concrete repair works in Abu Dhabi. Our expert team can inspect the building and assess the damage and the measures to control the same. 

What are the different kinds of concrete repairs and restoration work done by Unitek?

We undertake the following repair and restoration


This involves filling in holes and cracks in the concrete with cement or mortar. 


Sealing involves the usage of sealants to protect the concrete from water and other damage. 

Crack Filling

This is a process of filling in cracks and holes with a resin-based material. 


This involves applying a new layer of concrete over existing concrete. 

Epoxy Work

This involves filling cracks and holes with an epoxy resin and structurally reinforcing the concrete. 

Structural Reinforcement: This involves reinforcing the concrete with steel rods, mesh, or other materials. 


This involves applying a waterproof sealant to the concrete to protect it from water and other elements.

How Can We Repair Concrete Damage?

We can use concrete injections to repair concrete. Also, epoxy coating is one of the best methods for repairing concrete damage. 

The main difference between concrete injection and epoxy work is the material used to fill in cracks and holes. Concrete repair typically involves using cement or mortar to fill in cracks, while epoxy work uses a form of resin to repair cracks and fill in holes. Epoxy is often more robust and durable than concrete, providing extended protection from water, chemicals, and climatic changes. Additionally, epoxy can be applied to the surface of the concrete to provide a sealant, which helps to protect against further damage.

Using epoxy to control concrete damage strengthens the structure and protects the building from further damage.

Unitek has been an Epoxy Coating Company based in Abu Dhabi for ten years. If you are looking for Epoxy Work Contractors, then make sure you book an appointment with Unitek today!

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