Best Waterproofing Contractor in Abu Dhabi

Water Proofing Contractor in Abu Dhabi

Best Waterproofing Contractor in Abu Dhabi

If you are searching for the top Waterproofing Contractor in Abu Dhabi, you have come to the right waterproofing partner, Unitek.

We offer the best waterproofing services in Abu Dhabi, in protective coatings or membranes for various structures, such as roofs, basements, and walls, to prevent water damage.

We assess the specific needs of a building based on the wear and tear and recommend the most suitable waterproofing solution to keep it dry, secure, and long-standing. Our services typically include assessment, estimation, planning,  installation, repair, and maintenance of waterproofing systems.

What is the most popular system of waterproofing?

The membrane system is the most commonly used waterproofing solution that protects roofs, walls, tanks, foundations, and other structures from water damage. They are typically durable, flexible, and resistant to wear and tear, and they can withstand extreme hot & cold weather.

What are the various types of waterproofing scenarios?

Old buildings or new ones should be leakproof and water-resistant. Due to climate variations in the Middle East, occasionally heavy rains or even flash floods result in water logging that could damage the basement of buildings. 

Seismic activities also may cause deep fissures in the walls of buildings and water tanks. These fissures, over a period of time, deepen due to weathering and leads to water seepage if left unattended.

Here are a few waterproofing scenarios we have provided for our esteemed clientele:

As a leading Water proofing contractor in Abu Dhabi we provide the following services in UAE

  1. Rooftop Swimming Pool waterproofing 
  2. Infinity pool waterproofing 
  3. Water tank interior waterproofing
  4. Car park, cellar, or building’s basement waterproofing
  5. Roof leak proofing of Private homes and villas
  6. Leak-proofing roofs for urban rooftop gardens

Why do we need waterproofing solutions?

Waterproofing solutions are critical to protecting tall, high-rise buildings and villas from damage due to water leakage. Water can penetrate through roofs, walls, and foundations without waterproofing, causing structural damage, mold growth, and serious health problems. Waterproofing can also prevent water from infiltrating basements, reducing the risk of dampness and ensuring a dry, usable space. 

Additionally, waterproofing can extend the lifespan of a building, prevent costly repairs, and maintain its aesthetic appearance.

Planning to set up your rooftop garden where you can grow vegetables and fruits? Then make sure you waterproof your rooftop.

We Provide the Best Waterproofing Service in Abu Dhabi

Unitek has many years of experience in waterproofing works in Abu Dhabi. Contact Unitek, the best water proofing contracting company in Abu Dhabi today for a free site visit to assess your waterproofing requirement.

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